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Industry Transformers™

Nine entrepreneurs from different industries share how they’ve each gone from being successful to being in a league of their own. Dan Sullivan shares the secret ingredients that got them there.

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In this new book, nine highly successful entrepreneurs interviewed by Dan Sullivan share how they grew, often from very modest beginnings, to become leaders in their industries. In the chapters introducing the interviews, Dan unveils the eight secret ingredients that got them there, and shows how any entrepreneur with a desire to keep growing can forge his or her own unique path to become an Industry Transformer™.

Bringing together real-life stories from a variety of industries that are refreshingly candid and energizing, Industry Transformers provides a mind-expanding experience of a world with endless possibilities, accompanied by an overview of the path you can take to realize them for yourself. It will inspire you to take the next step to real freedom and unlimited opportunity — the best of all entrepreneurial worlds.

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